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Cookie Policy

Our website uses cookies and we kindly ask you to enable them to enjoy all the functions provided by the site. If you are hesitating to accept this request, please, look through the info below.

What Are Cookies?

HTTP cookies are data pieces downloaded to your device by a web browser when you are visiting our website. Cookies are downloaded to a user’s computer, laptop, or any other device for service purposes: to tailor the interface according to your browser’s settings (notification preferences, timezone, etc.), to personalize content, and so on. These details are essential to enable some basic functions, for example, to log in to your account. Also, cookies are needed for analyzing the visiting statistics to improve our services.

Types of Cookies We Employ

There are several types of cookies needed for the proper operation of our website. By accepting cookies, you enable all of them:

Session Cookies

These are temporary-stored browser records. They are required to memorize your activities on smalltech.club. Without session cookies, the site would treat you as a new visitor with every single visit. This is rather inconvenient and makes you react to the same events many times, for example, to close the same notifications with each visit. Session cookies are stored in a browser during a limited timeframe. They expire automatically when you leave the site and do not affect the performance of your device or the experience of using other sites.

Essential Cookies

Records of this type are stored on your device and enable basic functions of the platform like system logging in, account management, etc. Please, note that the cookies require little disc space and are involved when you are using our site only.

Functionality Cookies

They are responsible for memorizing the timezone, language, and other browser settings as well as displaying relevant content. We use them for some selected features.

Performance Cookies

Our specialists analyze users’ activity on the site without collecting personal information. All the obtained data are anonymous. This information plays an important role for us to deliver better services, fix bugs, adjust our business plan, etc. By simply accepting cookies, you contribute significantly to the development of our company without providing us with your feedback directly.

Third-party Cookies

We do not deny the possibility of using third-party cookies required, for example, for some of our partners and providers of analytics. Access to the granted data is limited. This information is essential for carrying out certain processes on our behalf. Cookies of this category can be used to collect non-personalized data on other platforms that employ the same web tools as well. Our company cannot control third-party cookies.

Cookies and Security

Cookies pose no threat to your device, since they contain no viruses or other hazardous code. But every browser allows manual disabling cookies in the settings menu. This makes sense for those sites, which you are not planning to use anymore. In other cases, these cookies are mostly required to simplify users’ interaction with a platform.

Why We Ask to Accept Cookies

When you visit our or practically any other site for the first time, you can see a pop-up message asking to accept cookies. This is an essential step to tailor the web resource to the selected browser settings and a particular user's. In addition, without cookies, you would not be able to enjoy some basic features of our online service.